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recent campaigns

Hyundai STARIA  |  Family. Redefined.

CREMO Pilot  |  Daydream

AIA Health Happy  |  BYO

Squid Fish Sauce  |  Authentic

DW19  |  Locker Room

INSEE  |  Music Video

INSEE Super  |  Daughter

Diamond Building Products  |  Function x Fashion

our work

Here our archive of campaign highlights for various clients – TVCs, online campaigns, integrated campaigns, print, outdoor – with case studies, insights and campaign results.

extending your digital campaign:

JUMP content is our in-house video content team for concepts, production and post-production of

digital video content.

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Lifestyle & How-to Videos

Interview Videos

Product Demonstration Videos

Corporate Videos


Motion Graphic Videos

Stock Video Edits

Re-edit Videos

Still Picture Videos

A digital video content package

is an important component of a digital campaign. A series of videos enables more FREQUENCY than a single online video and more IMPACT than a stream of still picture posts.

our clients

some of the great clients and brands we have worked for over the past years

our spirit: #มีความจัมพ์

life at Jump as we know it – captured in a fun series of in-house videos

our difference

thoughts you may consider when choosing an ad agency

big agency experience
All of our key staff have worked in large international agency networks which shows in our quality of service and work results. But with Jump, we have transformed our experience into a more flexible, more efficient and more innovative agency business model.
agency care closer to you

With around 25-30 staff members, Jump is a healthy medium size advertising agency. But we differ from larger agencies with our closer level of service and understanding. We are closer to one another, closer to our clients and closer to the consumers we target.

more value for money
Most big agencies have overinflated overhead costs – costs that the clients have to shoulder without getting a direct benefit back in their campaigns. At Jump, we are able to offer our clients more bang for the buck.
senior weight
When we started Jump, we started with a group of very experienced senior team members. Over the years we have consecutively added more staff, also in the junior positions, but until today the senior ratio is noticeably higher than in most other agencies.
better understanding for faster turn-around
We believe in seeing our clients personally, which includes management and creative teams, to better understand the client’s needs and the details between the lines. To us this is not wasted time because better understanding of the brief results in fewer rounds of creative presentations which is beneficial for everyone.
international mindset - local relevance
Managing Director / ECD Alex has lived in Thailand for over 20 years thus adding a profound understanding of European, American and Asian cultures. At the same time, the teams at Jump are experienced with creating anything from truly local Thai campaigns all the way over to international campaigns that run in several pan-asian markets.